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Recicling Expo Village_Baquera, Cardona, Folli, Marullo_2014
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Ralph Erskine | Plan urbano para una ciudad en el ártico | Territorios del Norte; Canada |1958

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New Liberty Township, NY 12754  |  Jongwon NaAA - Architectural Association 2014: Intermediate 1More Views: 1. 2. 3. 4.
“Guy de Maupassant disliked the image of Eiffel tower so much, so he always had lunch inside of it. Likewise, being inside the image means you are unable to see the image anymore, simply because you are ‘inside’ the image. Therefore, the project proposes to relocate entire town of Liberty into the abandoned buildings of Grossinger’s, so that inhabitants are not haunted by the derelict images of the resort anymore, voluntarily being sealed within their new town.
“There is a sort of miracle in the insipidity of artificial paradises, so long as they achieve the greatness of an entire (un)culture.” –America(1989), p8. Jean Baudrillard.
The project basically involves designing an entire town, rather than a single architecture, so that it accommodates all of the functions of the existing town. It also attempts to design the new town as a kind of paradise, an ‘artificial & bland paradise’ as Jean Baudrillard noted, but a paradise nonetheless. As a form of polemical scenario that metaphorically comments on America’s instinctive society and its desires, the project describes an ‘achieved version of utopia’.”
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Kivik Art Centre Pavilion  |  Antony Gormley & David Chipperfield Architects
- A Sculpture for the Subjective Experience of Architecture (2008)
Location: Österlen, Sweden

1) ‘The Cave’ – a solid, dormant space in the base of the sculpture where one can rest on a wall-fixed bench, offers the enclosed feeling of being in the dark forest.

2) Stairs then take the visitor up to the first floor – ‘The Stage’ – a horizontal volume open to the landscape, where one looks out but is also exposed.

3) The third volume – ‘The Tower’ – takes the visitor up spiral stairs to a platform almost 18 metres above the ground, where one is rewarded with a spectacular view over the trees towards the Baltic Sea.


IDC Advanced Perspective Practice Page 6 on Flickr.
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Minimal shelving system by Amuneal
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Canvas  by  andbamnan